Land Freight Service from Thailand to Malaysia

Thailand and Malaysia are two neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. With the passage of time and economic development, more and more people require transportation of goods from Thailand to Malaysia. MYBEST offers land freight service from Thailand to Malaysia, with an overall transit time of approximately 7 to 10 working days. The shipping fee includes taxes.

Please note! If the shipment is destined for certain remote areas in Malaysia, there may be additional charges for remote delivery. Feel free to contact our customer service for confirmation before shipping.

MYBEST has receiving warehouses in both Bangkok and Hat Yai. You can entrust your goods to us for storage in our warehouses. We provide free packaging and storage services, express delivering them from Thailand to Malaysia. MYBEST offers comprehensive express delivery services from Thailand to Malaysia to meet your transportation needs and ensure the safe delivery of your items.

MYBEST, your preferred international shipping company! We also provide land freight service from Malaysia to Thailand. Contact us now! Click on the WhatsApp button at the bottom right corner and become one of our valued customers!

Dimensional Weight Calculator

(Land Freight Shipping Volume Calculation from Thailand to Malaysia)

Restricted and Prohibited Item

Items that are prohibited from being shipped via land freight from Thailand to Malaysia including: batteries, power banks, tobacco, item containing alcohol, weapons, perishable goods, birds nest, coins, plants, animal specimens, illegal items, and any other items prohibited by national law and regulations. You may consult with us to determine whether the goods can be delivered from Thailand to Malaysia before shipping.

Shipping Duration 7-10days

The transit time for land freight from Thailand to Malaysia is around 7-10 working days from dispatch to delivery.
There is one land freight departure from Thailand to Malaysia per week, and customers can deliver goods to MYBEST warehouse daily. Once the goods are accumulated, we will arrange for shipment.

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