Malaysia International Logistics and Freight Company

MYBEST INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD, commonly known as MYBEST, is a Malaysian private company specializing in international logistics and freight services. Established in 2011, the company is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, where its main service center is also located.

MYBEST operates its own consolidation warehouse in Guangzhou, China. The company started with proxy purchasing, forwarding, and consolidation services from China, providing a convenient way for Malaysian customers to source goods from China. Step by step, MYBEST has expanded its audience from B2C services to B2B services.

Besides specializing in consolidation services from China to Malaysia, MYBEST core business also includes export services from Malaysia.

Our Malaysian export services cover China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries. We offer export options via air, sea, or land.

Vision & Mission

Welcome to explore the vision and mission of MYBEST. As we navigate our journey, we strive for continuous innovation to foster progress.

MYBEST is committed to sustainable operations, continuously following market developments and innovating. MYBEST aims to showcase its corporate brand value in every new era with a focus on sustainable inheritance.

Team Player
MYBEST ensures that all colleagues feel cared for and nurtured, creating a sense of family for employees. We move forward together with a united team spirit!

Customer Focused
Respecting clients, valuing user needs, prioritizing service excellence, and delivering maximum consumer value to users and clients.

Social Responsibility
We understand the principle of giving back to society what we receive from it. MYBEST is able to take care of employee team, run business effectively, and serve clients and users well because of support from you, the market, and also the nation. Giving back to society is a responsibility that MYBEST values greatly.

Satisfied Clients
Years Experience in Freight Service

Our Milestone


MYBEST was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Initially, MYBEST started with proxy purchasing, forwarding, and consolidation services from China.


MYBEST launches a one-stop e-commerce freight platform


The volume of export orders from MYBEST in China has increased with the growing number of users, leading to two expansions of Guangzhou warehouse within the same year.


MYBEST Malaysia officially launched trucking services for Malaysian exports to China, catering directly to our users’ needs.


As the demand for trucking from Malaysia to China grew, MYBEST Malaysia took the initiative to upgrade and expand our warehouse facilities in Kuala Lumpur.


In October 2016, MYBEST launched its Malaysian export official website, Additionally, in November of the same year, MYBEST introduced a new air freight and express delivery channel from Malaysia to China, addressing the previous issue of long transit times in land transportation.


As MYBEST gains market recognition and success in both Malaysia-China and China-Malaysia freight forwarding, we are expanding our shipping channels to serve more countries beyond just China.


MYBEST export business encompasses countries in Southeast Asia including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.


MYBEST introduced the Sea Freight Self-Pickup service for parcels from China and Malaysia, delighting self-pickup users with its low rate of only RM3 per kilogram.


MYBEST stepped up to send users mask from China and Malaysia during the pandemic hit out of the blue. MYBEST also pitched in by donating masks to those in need.


MYBEST continued to serve everyone with a heart full of gratitude during the MCO. We also donated food to the underprivileged during the pandemic.


MYBEST broke our record for the highest volume of combined shipments between China and Malaysia on the shopping carnival. 2022 also marked the eleventh anniversary of MYBEST establishment!

2023 年

MYBEST has assisted numerous local Malaysian businesses in exporting Malaysian products to countries such as China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian countries, thus providing Malaysian customers with opportunities in the international market.