Sea Freight Service from West Malaysia to East Malaysia

MYBEST also offered domestic service within Malaysia, assisting clients in shipping goods from West Malaysia to East Malaysia by sea. We are committed to providing efficient, safe, and affordable transportation services to our customers. With our domestic sea freight service, you can easily transport commercial goods or personal items from West Malaysia to East Malaysia.

We offer transportation solutions starting from a minimum volume of 1 cubic meter. For shipments less than 1 cubic meter, we will also calculate based on 1 cubic meter. Whether it is bulk cargo or small parcels, we provide free packaging and ensure prompt and secure delivery of your goods to the destination.

We ensure you have the best courier shipping experience. Kindy consider our export transportation services if you have goods that need to be sent from Malaysia to overseas. Services including air freight to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and more.

Dimensional Weight Calculator

(Sea Freight Shipping Volume Calculation from West Malaysia to East Malaysia)

Restricted and Prohibited Item

Items that are prohibited from being shipped via sea freight from West Malaysia to East Malaysia including: batteries, power banks, tobacco, item containing alcohol, weapons, perishable goods, birds nest, coins, plants, animal specimens, illegal items, and any other items prohibited by national law and regulations. You may consult with us to determine whether the goods can be delivered to East Malaysia before shipping.

Shipping Duration 12-16days

The transit time for shipping from West Malaysia to East Malaysia typically ranges from 12 to 16 working days from dispatch to delivery.
Customers can deliver goods to MYBEST warehouse daily, and there is one shipping schedule per week for sea freight from West Malaysia to East Malaysia.

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